About Me

I grew up in South Tottenham. More precisely on Tiverton Estate. When I was eleven we moved across the park, to a house just off Black Boy Lane. Despite all my complaints of the area, I can’t imagine ever having grown up anywhere else.

It wasn’t until my final years of secondary school that I connected my love of writing to politics. I stumbled into it by accident really. I was doing A-Levels in English Literature and History (and Music Technology – don’t ask) and wasn’t really sure what else to do. A teacher suggested Politics would go nicely with the two and quench my eagerness for debate. So I gave it a try.

I became obsessed. Question Time became a weekly ritual; expressing my opinions a necessity. I chose to read History and Politics at university (not being able to decide between the two). I finished university specialising in Ethnic Conflict Theory and Ethnic Conflict Theory Resolution under Prof. Stefan Wolff, the most inspiring modules I studied throughout my whole university career.  I didn’t waste a second in contemplating my next move, a Conflict Studies MSc at LSE. I had found my niche.

During this time I wrote. For the university newspaper, online magazines, newsletters, blogs, whatever I could get my hands on. At LSE I was nominated for Best Feature at the London Media Awards 2010 for my double page feature on the Afghanistan war.

Since then I have written for various online publications and completed an editorial placement at the New Statesman.

This blog is for all the opinions I still feel the need to share.


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