Unemployment Gloom Worldwide

Following on from my post about youth unemployment yesterday, I wanted to look at how the rest of the world faired on the unemployment front. To my utter delight, The Week posted an article today comparing unemployment statistics from different countries in Europe, as well as including figures from Australia, South Africa and the US. The UK is going … Continue reading

2012: The Year of Doom…For Youth Unemployment

The doom and gloom of 2012 has well and truly arrived. Whilst the next few months may bring with them warnings about the impending doom that is the end of the world and everything you must do to protect yourself and your loved ones (everyone get your old ‘How to Survive the End of the … Continue reading

The road ahead for the Republican candidates: what to expect

The last few weeks have seen Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney come under attack in every which way; a film has been released about his time as CEO of Bain Capital; he has been accused of being a moderate (god forbid) and yesterday’s debates backed him into a corner over his tax returns and his ever … Continue reading

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